Full Stack Software Engineer


DEVEXI is looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team. 

DEVEXI is an early stage healthcare analytics startup building a powerful, sophisticated yet intuitive longitudinal research data platform linking medical and dental data to enable researchers to connect the dots between diagnoses, treatments, prescribed drugs, exposures and short and long-term health outcomes – for groundbreaking, longitudinal studies never before possible.

DEVEXI will enable health and medical researchers, universities, teaching hospitals, insurance payers, government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies to improve quality of health care delivery, identify best practices and increase successful, cost-effective outcomes.

Culture Fit

  • Passionate about Java and Big Data SQL Databases
  • Able to work effectively as part of a remote team
  • Be friendly
  • Be a self-starter
  • Be smart
  • Able to prioritize and context switch when necessary to achieve the bigger vision
  • Able to convey development concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Strong foundation in computer science: data structures, algorithms and software design patterns

Skills Required

Back End


  • Experience building RESTful web services with Jersey
  • Experience with Guice & IoC
  • Bonus points for experience with Dropwizard
  • Bonus points for experience with Flyway or Liquibase
  • Understand the Functional and Streaming enhancements in Java8
  • Expertise with Unit Testing and mocking frameworks (JUnit / Mockito)
  • SQL & Data Warehousing

  • Mastery of SQL with complex joins and aggregation clauses

  • Efficient ETL

  • Understand SQL schema versioning and migration

  • Bonus for experience manipulating Snowflake schemas

  • Bonus points for experience with AWS Redshift

Front End:

  • HTML / CSS / SASS / Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • Bower / Gulp
  • Build well-architected AngularJS implementations of wireframes
  • Bonus points for PhantomJS & experience with FE test frameworks

Experience with:

  • Agile/Scrum
  • Git (Bitbucket)
  • Amazon Web Services including EC2 and S3
  • Continuous Integration
  • Ubuntu

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience


  • Involvement in big data health analytics to enable groundbreaking longitudinal research
  • Full-time remote work (1099 contract)
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • No travel required
  • Work with quality team of professionals
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