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Haris Mehmood Zaman

  • Business Intelligence
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • May 28, 2019
Telecommute Consultant Information Technology

Personal Summary

I'm a blogger, entrepreneur and an aspiring designer & developer. I have never been afraid to try my luck and my skills in different professional fields. Taking learning beyond classrooms and having the love for machines, designing and AI, and now working as a BI Consultant/Engineer | Data Warehousing | ETL | SSIS | SQL Server | Power BI. A tech geek by day and a book writer by night, I tend to communicate the life in the middle through my words.

Management and marketing seem to be my ballpark. The skill set I own in marketing have earned me the head position in the marketing team of ACM-CSKU chapter. As the head of this institution, I look to take challenges head-on while setting an example for people who are currently at the bottom of the ladder.

In person, I prefer to be the change I want to see in this world. Putting a kind heart on display, I hope to extend my understanding of society through effective communication. Reading books on different genres, surfing the internet and looking for new ways of personal and professional development constitutes to a day in my life.

I am always open on working on an idea. They might not be in the boundary of my expertise but I am a quick learner. I enjoy being part of teams and in being in the company of individuals with vision. You can hit me up if you ever have an idea for work or have questions before you start working in the fields I belong to.