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Artem Bezlyubchenko

  • Senior Android
  • Ukraine
  • Jul 08, 2019
Telecommute Engineering

Personal Summary

I have been developing Android applications for 7 years. I have also worked on
applications for iOS, Windows and Linux at the same time. 

I was an architect of a huge e-commerce application and solo dev on a lot of projects.

Work Experience

Android Architect
Jan 2019 - Jun 2019 Grid Dynamics - American Eagle

My main duties are support of app growth, resolving of main technical issues, new features
design and introduction of new technologies to team.

Android Architect
Jun 2018 - Dec 2018 Grid Dynamics - Macy's

Designer and driver of application rewrite. Worked on application design with support of Instant App/modularization, business changes and parallel work of hundreds developers.
Trained team to gain new approaches.

Android Architect
Jun 2017 - Jun 2018 Grid Dynamics - American Eagle

Moved app from Volley to Retrofit, added Architecture Components, parts of Clean
architecture and possibility to test business features. In the same time increased crash- free sessions from 87% to 99.5%. Rewrote major features (like bag/checkout) from
scratch. Developer of the most complex and critical parts of the project.

Android Developer
Aug 2015 - Apr 2017 DSU

Social network (project name cannot be disclosed under NDA). I worked on application
architecture, mainly main features. Junior mentoring was also a part of daily routine. I took
part in backend development (app engine), worked on some mathematical and algorithmic
problems. I worked with OpenGL ES, Realm, Priority Jobqueue and EventBus a lot.
I have experience in development of custom views, material design implementation and custom RecyclerVIew adapters. I created tests with Espresso and jUnit. I used Lint,
Checkstyle, FindBugs, LeakCanary, StrictMode for keeping the code bug-free and clean.

Developer, Founder
Jun 2014 - May 2015 Own IT Studio

1. I was engaged in the implementation of own project for food delivery. The main idea of the project was to make it possible to order goods from a variety of supermarkets and
restaurants using one service. My job was to design the architecture of the whole
system, the creation of Android and iOS applications, to test other systems and the rest of management.

2. My duties: search of orders, design, distribution of resources, the development of mobile applications/games. I got a variety of programming techniques, gained much
experience in large number of areas such as programming and communication in IT- sphere. I had to deal a lot with someone else's code. So I coded from scratch and
finished other projects that had been initially started by others.

Android Developer
Sep 2013 - Jun 2014 Innotech UA

My responsibilities included the development and improvement of various applications on Android. Most of the time I worked on an app for taxi drivers. I improved the application in
terms of performance and efficiency. I mainly worked on MAT and Allocation Tracker. For
more information please visit my LinkedIn profile.


Master degree in Applied Mathematics
Sep 2011 - Jun 2017 Kharkiv Aviation Institute: National Aerospace University "KhAI"